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Custom app development, websites, ecommerce software solutions

As an e-commerce improvement company, VTeck offers a full cycle of software improvement services starting from small adjustments to your task and ending up with full-cycle task management. Regardless of your business needs and ambitions, our specialists supply you with the most greatest answer in every case. Our group of e-commerce specialists can take care of a challenge of any complexity.

E-commerce Software Development Services

Our e-commerce development services and solutions

Marketplace & Website Development

\Web-based marketplaces join clients or agencies with provider providers. If you choose to have your personal on-line website marketplace, you can be counted on our internet improvement services. Our group is expert in building complicated online marketplaces for transactions of merchandise or offerings between agencies (B2B marketplaces) and from companies to clients (B2C marketplaces). We carefully healthy all the demands and come up with the excellent digital answer for your business.

Mobile Commerce Applications

We enhance mobile apps for any operating gadget - Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, which guide cellular payment systems. If you desire to have an app developed for customers or inner use, we offer one of three picks for cellular purposes - native, net or hybrid. We practice modern Web Apps and AMP pages to make your app more competitive. A straight forward mobile commerce application with a catchy sketch will only make a contribution to your business.

E-commerce Management Software

Smart e-commerce management software speeds up commercial enterprise processes to sell more items, more regularly and faster. At VTeck, we work with our consumers to automate and optimize workflows with CRM, CMS, ERP, BMP. Programs store, manner and maintain a single database of the company, as properly as synchronize the things to do of all departments: order department, manufacturing departments, warehouse, logistics department, accounting, advertising and marketing department, etc.

E-commerce Integration Software

With our e-commerce integration software, a giant amount of commercial enterprise data is integrated quickly and directly to other systems. We are equipped to enhance customized options to meet your precise enterprise needs. Our e-commerce integration software program is based on cloud/web options to manipulate sales, marketing, management, and other enterprise records effectively. We can join more than one functions such as CRM and marketing-automation systems or separate databases for protected storage.

E-commerce UI/UX Web and App Design

To stand out from e-commerce structures and achieve excessive sales, modern and original internet or app format will assist out. Our group of UI/UX web designers is at your disposal to work out the most worthwhile options for your business. We have substantial experience working with the e-commerce sector to provide an terrific affect from an app or internet site - from successful branding to clear and effortless navigation on the page. Increase a consumer retention fee with our help!

E-commerce Analytics Software

E-commerce analytics software program is vital for producing high quality digital advertising solutions as it allows to understand, analyze, and act upon data. Our professionals can strengthen or combine effective analytics software program with customized features for your e-commerce commercial enterprise that will dig your data deeper. With our e-commerce analytics software, you can make easy-to-read reviews to maximize the data’s value, decorate the decision-making process, improve normal patron experience.

Open source e-commerce solutions
Custom e-commerce solutions
Mobile commerce solutions
CRM solutions
Marketing e-commerce solutions
Open source e-commerce solutions
  • Custom B2C and B2B software infrastructures
  • Maintenance, security, and speed optimization
  • High cost-efficiency ratio
Custom e-commerce solutions
  • Custom CRM, CMS, ERP, BMP development
  • Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, JavaScript
  • Swift functionality of your e-commerce site
Mobile commerce solutions
  • Development for Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows
  • Mobile apps developed with our mobile SDKs
  • Choice, convenience and security to customers
CRM solutions
  • Flexible, robust, and competitively priced CRM systems
  • A user-friendly CRM on the market
  • Installations on-premises, in the cloud or web
Marketing e-commerce solutions
  • Data analytics software with a highly scalable architecture
  • Development of marketing-automation platforms
  • Releasing wearable technology with voice assistants, chatbots

Technology Stack


Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, React, Vue.js, jQuery

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Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WordPress, Drupal


Spring, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Django, Ruby on Rails

E-commerce Software Development Process



Primarily, we carefully analyze the business and project ideas, make an estimate, set SMART goals, divide the development process into milestones, and deliver all the final documentation to the customer.


Using flexible product development methodologies (Agile and SCRUM), our experts start working on your project. A project manager supervises the process, keeps track of all the operations and informs about any changes or updates.


Automated testing ensures that each new code is ready to be deployed. After the code passes through all the automated and manual testing, it is deployed. We maximize the final efficiency of developed software with the help of DevOps tools.


Benefits with VTeck

Achieve stable marketplace development with us

Business Model Adjustment

We create a unique answer that covers the most topical elements of your business: bendy B2B software, ecommerce frameworks, CMS tech and something you envision.

Simple Creativity

Our format team combines key selling points of your assignment inside an authentic, resourceful and usable design. We make your ecommerce cellular apps and e-stores as stunning as they are functional.

Fast Accessibility

To accelerate remarketing, our development affords clients with easy way to login and logout, test their buyer account and receive all beneficial presents in a swipe.

Tight Security

Purchase confidentiality and enterprise facts security are the pillars of your business. With ecommerce apps and software by means of VTeck, any on-line buy is as non-public as buying at a bodily store.

User Targeting

In addition to exploring your business, we find out about your audience. It lets in us to advance e-commerce consumer interfaces that limit the time your target audience desires for making a buy or sending an order, and develop your conversion.

The preference of the fine e-commerce platform depends on many elements – commercial enterprise targets and objectives, pricing and payments, integrations, security, scalability, etc. Depending on the size of your businesses, e-commerce platforms may vary as well. For example, Shopify, WordPress are suitable for small business projects, Magento, BigCommerce – for medium and large businesses. For massive e-commerce organizations with unique functional features, it is higher to strengthen an e-commerce internet site now not with the assist of CMS but using frameworks (Laravel, Django, etc). Also, pay interest to the safety of using each CMS. For example, Drupal is individual with larger security, or you can use frameworks like Spring.

The fee of an e-commerce mission quite depends on the commercial enterprise wishes and requirements. A easy website besides greater custom elements requires nearly $5000 of the preliminary investment. Our e-commerce software improvement specialists talk about all the necessities and make the final estimation of software program development upon your request.

E-commerce software empowers an online save in many methods – advantageous management, particular analytics, potential marketing solutions, correct consumer experience, etc. For example, CRM manages the relationships with clients, ERP is used to manage the enterprise process. All that is aimed at increasing the overall profitability of a business. E-commerce software applications overlap in some areas, and can be completely integrated in others to improve effectivity and increase sales. Payment gateway, logistics network services, consignment and accounting structures are a few third-party integrations needed to hold the online platform going for walks at a high level.

At VTeck, the group of e-commerce software developers has a profound experience of working with small and giant enterprise corporations and enterprises. They are experienced in the development of on-line retailing, electronic markets, on line auctions, actual property and auto rent applications. In our cases, you can find a demonstrated music of effectively executed projects. Contact our experts to talk about how we can streamline your commercial enterprise procedures to raise income and optimize operations.

Our team has big ride of working with both giant and small corporations all over the world. If you personal a small business and try to have a internet site or app developed in such a aggressive area of interest as e-commerce, our software program development specialists will analyze your wishes and requirements to decide what exactly may want to empower your business.

Client Success

Helping people reach their dreams


Website design and development for Market Research Society of India (MRSI)

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Credit Bazaar

Website design and development for Credit Bazaar

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App And
development for Epitome

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Online Tool And
development for BrandStreet

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E-commerce Website Design And
development for IIT
apparel brand..

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Finger scan app And
development for Epitome

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Digiqual And
development for Epitome

Street Talk image

Anderson College

Office 365 migration
Helpdesk Implementation
Event Tickets Implementation
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Street Talk image

Street Talk

Online Tool
development for Street Talk

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