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Mobile Development

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Microsoft Office 365

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Location-based service, combined with powerful analytics.

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Google Cloud

Developing, Deploying and Monitoring in the Cloud

Popular tools for development, deployment, and monitoring simply work in GCP. Customers additionally have choices for tools in each of these three areas that are tightly integrated with GCP. This module covers these tools.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of public cloud computing offerings supplied by using Google. The platform includes a vary of hosted offerings for compute, storage and software development that run on Google hardware. Google Cloud Platform offerings can be accessed via software developers, cloud administrators and other organization IT specialists over the public net or via a committed community connection.

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Featured products

Compute Engine

Scalable, high-performance VMs.

Cloud Storage

Object storage with global edge-caching.

Cloud Run (beta)

Run stateless containers on a fully managed environment or on Anthos.

Cloud SQL

MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server database services.


Modernize existing apps and build new apps rapidly in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


A fully managed, highly scalable data warehouse with built-in ML.

Vision AI

Derive insights from images, text, and more with AutoML Vision and Vision API.

Security key enforcement

Enforce the use of security keys to help prevent account takeovers.

AI and Machine Learning

AI Building Blocks

Cloud AI building blocks

Easily infuse AI into applications with custom or pre-trained models.

Cloud Text-to-Speechs

Text-to-speech conversion powered by ML.

Cloud AutoML (beta)

Easily train high-quality, custom ML models.

Cloud Speech-to-Text

Speech-to-text conversion powered by ML.

Vision AI

Derive insights from images, text, and more with AutoML Vision and Vision API.


Create conversational experiences across devices and platforms.

Video AI

Enable powerful content discovery and engaging video experiences.

AutoML Tables (beta)

Build and deploy machine learning models on structured data.

Cloud Natural Language

Derive insights from unstructured text.

Cloud Inference API (alpha)

Quickly run large-scale correlations over typed time-series datasets.

Cloud Translation

Dynamically translate between languages.

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