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PHP Development

Custom PHP Development Services

Hire our professional team for best PHP development of static and dynamic websites. 78,8% of all software program initiatives are written based on PHP frameworks. VTeck developers are skilled in a extensive vary of tasks which include database-related solutions, enterprise-specific software, e-commerce websites. Whenever you want expert PHP development, our software program experts are right here to aid your enterprise endeavors!


Our PHP Development Services

PHP Web Development

PHP is a general-purpose scripting programming language, but it is the pleasant suit for net improvement projects. With a lot of advanced features, PHP ensures seamless internet experience. Since it can be embedded into HTML code, PHP makes the improvement system easier and faster.

E-commerce PHP Development

PHP is the triumphing solution with the most appropriate conventions used for e-commerce purposes. This programming language works correct with all the predominant databases, like MySQL, DB2, Sybase, Informix, Oracle, which makes it the best desire for constructing complicated on line stores. Magento and OpenCart, essential e-commerce platforms, are constructed on PHP, which makes it the first-rate preference for on-line stores.

Enterprise PHP Development (CMS/CRM/ERP)

Choosing a reliable dealer is necessary when you deal with employer development. VTeck focuses on long-term collaboration, which skill we carefully analyze your assignment to grant customized PHP improvement solutions that perfectly meet your business needs.

API Development and Integration

Regardless of whether or not you purpose to construct an on line save or improve agency application, at some point, you will have to combine new tools or add new elements to meet your customers. API improvement comes in handy when you need to connect one application with another. VTeck builders build simple and reliable systems to make sure users get the excellent web experience.

PHP QA Testing

For handing over fine code, checking out is something that each and every corporation have to have in mind. Nearly 10-12% of annual IT finances budgets are commonly allocated to fixing bugs and software program issues. Outsourcing will help your enterprise to cut costs. Our experienced QA engineers will practice the most efficient testing equipment to ensure your software program works smoothly.

Porting and Migration

As an open-source programming language, PHP allows building transportable net purposes that can be without difficulty moved from one computing surroundings to another. PHP professionals apply innovative equipment to write satisfactory source code that is well suited with a large range of platforms. Furthermore, if you want to go from one platform to another, our team is prepared to aid you with this challenge. We make a set of adjustments to your software and add new features to ensure you have a smooth migration process.

Hiring models

Hire Our Dedicated Team

Hire our PHP builders to assist your project. We supply personalised services allowing you to select professionals with any understanding level. Feel free to use our on-line fee calculator to comprehend the expenses for improvement offerings in advance.

Outsource a Project

You can additionally delegate a project to us, and our talented team will carry your commercial enterprise thought to life. By outsourcing with VTeck, you can be sure to get satisfactory provider furnished with the aid of experienced specialists.

How does it work?

Start Our Collaboration
Testing and Deployment

Start Our Collaboration

After you reach out to us, our software experts discuss your project idea, decide on the team composition, project milestones and run initial estimations. We strive to build long-term collaboration with all our clients and apply a result-oriented approach to every project. We involve you in the hiring process to select PHP developers that meet your requirements.


After contract terms are agreed, we start the development process. We build a team of PHP developers, who keep in touch with you during the whole project. We value transparency; thus our project manager together with other team members regularly inform you on project status and help you to keep track of all the tasks.

Testing and Deployment

Quality assurance is an essential part of the development process. We deliver only quality software solutions ready for the launch. Therefore, our experienced QA engineers will test the product to ensure you won’t have any difficulties during implementation.


Reap Benefits with VTeck

Best Pricing Options

The value of hiring a PHP improvement group varies tons depending on the venture dreams and developers’ experience. VTeck is a nice PHP provider provider. Our group accomplished severa net improvement initiatives with one hundred percent purchaser delight rate. We take your request, become aware of your priorities and come up with an alternative that flawlessly fits into your budget.

Easy Integration

PHP comes with greater flexibility compared to different programming languages. Whenever you want a new feature, characteristic or tool, it allows integrating them inside a constrained timeframe. It skill that all the adjustments on your internet site or application will be implemented fast.

Ease of Maintenance

If you need support in maintaining your internet site or application, hire VTeck group to assist you with this task. We will take a look at your server, code and application on a everyday foundation to ensure that it runs easily and securely.

Web-Oriented Language

PHP is a web-oriented programming language that helps the majority of net projects on the net. Due to its simplicity and compatibility, it can be utilized to each easy and large-scale projects. In the case of a internet task or app, PHP is probable to meet your requirements. This language lets in effortless and quickly integration of the whole thing beginning from database utilities and ending up with CMS platforms.



What frameworks are used?

PHP frameworks provide developers with reusable and well-organized templates, which ease the stress set on group members. VTeck has ride of working with all most important frameworks inclusive of Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend, and Yii.

Will my website built on PHP look equally good on all devices?

Our builders have applicable understanding and huge journey of constructing accountable websites that appear equally correct on all devices and browsers. Your customers get optimal trip of searching your internet site on all devices. This function has the potential to bring more customers to your platform.

image of PHP Development

What CMS systems are used for web development?

Wordpress is the most popular content material management system that powers 30% of all websites on the net. It is effortless to use and comes at no more cost.VTeck group works with a vast range of CMS systems together with Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, MODX. We select the first-class solution that perfectly helps your app or website.

What projects are well suited for PHP development?

PHP is the first-rate preference for internet utility development, mainly for ecommerce websites. While constructing a complicated system, PHP can be used for frontend tasks in combination with a stronger language. PHP is quite quickly to iterate compared to any other programming language, which really serves as its main benefit.

Client Success

Helping people reach their dreams


Website design and development for Market Research Society of India (MRSI)

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Credit Bazaar

Website design and development for Credit Bazaar

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App And
development for Epitome

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Online Tool And
development for BrandStreet

IIT image


E-commerce Website Design And
development for IIT
apparel brand..

Street Talk image


Finger scan app And
development for Epitome

Digicall image


Digiqual And
development for Epitome

Street Talk image

Anderson College

Office 365 migration
Helpdesk Implementation
Event Tickets Implementation
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

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Street Talk

Online Tool
development for Street Talk

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